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Sunday, October 1, 2017

October WRITE THE ROOM with Math {Grade 3}

Happy October 1st! I hope you're excited to jump into this new month as much as I am. There are lots of fun activities for students to do with writing and Math in October. One of my favorites is WRITE THE ROOM with Math for October. 

Get students moving, talking, and writing Math Vocabulary in your classroom with this set of 3rd Grade Math Vocabulary Sentences. The purpose of this resource is to help students with increasing their mathematics vocabulary. Students write the Math sentences on their paper with scaffolded practice. Students are provided a list of vocabulary words to use to complete the sentences. Students will be engaged and more confident practicing using math vocabulary. This NO PREP Write the Room vocabulary activity can be a success in your classroom too!      

Included are:
-Directions for setting up
-List of vocabulary words
-2 sets of scaffolded Math vocabulary sentences
-2 sets of Math vocabulary sentences in Color and Black & White for easy printing
-Rubric for EASY grading!
-Student papers
-3rd Grade CCSS aligned
-Monthly Theme of October {Halloween}

This is truly a fun activity for all students to do. Learning how to WRITE the Math is one strategy for becoming a more fluent and successful Mathematician. Practicing this skill is important and I have a bundle for the whole year if you would like to get your students writing more Math! Click HERE to view and download the Year-Long Bundle!

Happy Teaching!