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Thursday, October 5, 2017

Elementary Interactive Notebook NO PREP Notes {FREEBIE}

Do you want to teach your students how to write notes? 

Do you want to provide an easy scaffolded approach for student note-taking? 

If you said YES, there is a FREE resource for your students to take notes with. 

This interactive notebook activity is intended to help students understand how to write notes effectively to retain mathematical information and concepts.

Included are:
-1 Interactive Math Notebook activity to engage students in note taking
-Teacher facilitated activity for 10-30 minutes of classroom time
-Examples of Completed Interactive Math Notebook Activities are included

I hope this is a great resource in your classroom too! Note taking and summarizing skills can help students master Math concepts. Students are more successful in Math when they know strategies that help them to understand and make sense of Math. These notes have been a game changer in my classroom and many students have come back to tell me that they LOVE the strategies that they learned through this resource.

Happy Note Taking!