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Friday, October 20, 2017

Card Sort Activity Lessons and Cut & Paste Math Activities Bundle Grade 6

A GROWING bundle of 6th Grade Card Sort Activity Lessons and Cut & Paste Activities!
This bundle is already huge! Over 200 pages of interactive grade 6 mathematics concept development that you can just print and use with your students! All Card Sort Lesson Plan activities include card sort lesson, cut & paste activities, assessments, and ANSWER KEYS!

This BUNDLE includes:
1. Equivalent Expressions & Variables
2. Writing & Solving Expressions with Exponents
3. Represent & Analyze Relationships with Two Variables
4. Compose & Decompose Triangles and Quadrilaterals
5. Finding Volume of Right Rectangular Prisms
6. Polygons and Distances in a Coordinate Plane
7. Using Nets to Find Surface Area of Rectangles and Triangles
8. Statistical Questions & Distributions of Data Sets Card Sort Activity Lesson
9. Finding the Mean & Deviations of Data Sets
10. Displaying Data on Line Plots, Histograms, and Box Plots
11. Summarizing Numerical Data Sets
Coming Soon:
12. Integers
13. Factors & Multiples
14. Rational Numbers
15. Operations with Fractions
16. Operations with Decimals
17. Representing Ratios and Rates
18. Applying Ratios & Rates
19. Percents
20. Equations and Relationships
21. Area & Polygons
22. Volume

These activities are great to use with all types of students. Engaging all learners to actively look for answers in solving math problems and make sense of grade-level math concepts. All Common Core State Standards are covered in this bundle, which makes it easy to print and go at any time with your students! I hope your students all these cut & paste activities, assessments, and extension activities included too.

Happy Teaching!