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Sunday, May 19, 2019

Planning for Next School Year

When do you plan for the next school year?

What should I plan for the next school year?

Planning for Next School Year 

Planning for the next school year is never a bad idea. It's not too early to start now! If you do some things now, you won't have to do them in August. August is such a busy time with meetings, meet the teacher, and other school events that take away from your planning time. Plan now, and save yourself time in August. Here are five things you can do now:

1. Your Class Syllabus. 

Prepare your syllabus this summer. Make sure you include all the important information for students and parents. Making your syllabus ahead of time will save time in August.

2. Seating Chart. 

Do you use a seating chart to get to know your students? Try using a seating chart to memorize all your students names within the first five days.

3. Get to Know your students activities. 

How do you build relationships with your students? Do you use "Get to Know You" activities? Research shows that when you acknowledge students by name and build a teacher-student relationship, they will become more accountable to your class. 

4. Back to School Math Activities.

Get Back to School ready with some activities to engage for your students on day 1. These math activities review key math skills and help develop math fluency.

5. Make a Back to School Prep Box. 

Include a to do list, already made copies, activities, calendars, and more. Prepare all the things you will need for August in one box. Make it easily accessible for you the first week back. You should be able to get everything you need ready made from the box.

The box snaps to close and store all of your back to school papers. Include your master copies, calendar, and any other Back to School activity in this accessible box.

These are a great start at getting yourself ready for next school year. August will be here before you know it! Try one of these planning tips today and thank yourself in August!!

Happy Teaching,

Friday, May 17, 2019

Summer Math Coloring

Do you need a fun student work bulletin board?

Do your students need a fun review of math?

Are you ready for Summer Math coloring?

It's fun to get students to color in Math. They often don't realize that they're doing math because they are doing it differently. Students answer the questions, then color the pictures according to their answers. It's a great way to get students to practice math skills and have some coloring fun!

Summer Math Coloring Fluency

Math fluency is important for students to practice. Some of the math skills that Upper Elementary students need practice with are operations with multiplication and division. These skills will help students to have better number sense. The best way to become better at math is to practice!

Grades 3-5 Math=> Click HERE to download 

In middle school students need a good understanding of variables. Students will use variables in middle school and high school. Giving students extra practice with expressions and equations helps to build their Algebra fluency. Try a coloring activity today!

Grades 6-8 Math=> Click HERE to download

These are some of the ways you can engage your students math fluency this summer. Summer Math coloring is just one way to practice math skills with a different approach. Students enjoy coloring and creating a picture with math is a great way to practice math fluency today!

Happy Teaching,

Friday, May 10, 2019

Teacher Appreciation Winners!

Congratulations to Jaclyn, Luciana, Lynne, & Shelby! 

These VIP teachers each won a $10.00 TpT Gift Card. 

I hope you had a great Teacher Appreciation week and know how much you are appreciated! 

All the Best,

Monday, May 6, 2019

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Good Luck!

Sunday, May 5, 2019

10 Skills Every Child Should Know Before Kindergarten

Are you preparing your child for Kindergarten?

Is your child ready to enter elementary school?

There are some things that teachers want all students to know before entering elementary school. These motor skills, facts, and behavioral skills are necessary for every child to be successful. Go over the checklist with your child to make sure they are ready for their first day! 

10 Skills Every Child Should Know Before Kindergarten

  1. Say Their Name.

  2. Students should be able to say their first and last name when asked by the teacher.
  1. Write Their Name.

  2. Students should be able to write their first name by themselves without the assistance of an adult (teacher). 

  1. Know Letters in Their Name.

  2. Students should know all the letters in their first name. Students should be able to say each letter aloud and write each letter.
  1. Three Finger Grasp. 

Students should use the appropriate 3 finger grasp when writing. Students need to practice writing their name with the 3 finger grasp. 
  1. Make Letter Sounds.

  2. Students should be able to make most letter/sound matches by themselves. For example, a student should be able to hear Alligator and know it starts with A. 
  1. Letters.

  2. Students should be able to identify ALL upper and lowercase letters of the alphabet.  
  1. Count to 30.

  2. Students should be able to count from 1 to 30 in numerical order out loud. 
  1. Identify Numbers.

  2. Students should know the numbers 1 to 10. They should be able to identify any number from 1 to 10 in random order.
  1. Use Finger Counting.

  2. Students should be able to use finger counting to accurately touch count items to ten. 
  1. Know Shapes.

  2. Students should be able to identify specific two dimensional geometry shapes.

These skills are important for your child to be successful in Kindergarten. Be ready for Kindergarten this Fall by preparing this Summer. Review important skills with your child with the Kindergarten Readiness Packet. Just print and practice with your child.

  Skills reviewed tracing and writing.
Reading logs, cover, list of pre-requisites and parent letter.
 Skills reviewed are cutting and fine motor skills. 

Practice with manipulatives.

Your child can be successful in Kindergarten this Fall. Help them be prepared and review the necessary skills that all Kindergarten teachers want their students to know.

All the Best, 

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Field Day Math Activities Middle School

Are you ready for Field Day?

Do your students need Field Day math activities?

Field Day is a fun filled day with students. Here is a list of math activities you could have your students do on Field Day in your math classroom. 

1. Math Game. 

Have students make a math game, or play a math game in class that reviews grade level standards. Everyone loves to play games!

2. Math Review. 

Create a math review for the students to practice during class. Go over key skills that students need to know before the next grade level. 

3. Math Puzzle.

Give students a math puzzle with different operations, decimals, or rational numbers. Students love a challenge! Have them complete the puzzles with or without timers. 

Have a great Field Day!