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Monday, October 23, 2017

November NO PREP Math Packet - 3rd Grade

Do you need a no prep math activity for November?

Do you want to engage your students in a review over Thanksgiving break?

There is a packet that your students will enjoy doing! With puzzles and activities that review 3rd grade math skills.  it also gives students fun coloring, puzzles, and problem solving.

Topics Covered:
Displaying Data with Pictographs
Adding & Subtracting Time

This is a great packet for review, practice, or whenever you have a substitute teacher in your room for the month of November! 

Other teachers have said, "This is a great print and use resource." -3rd Grade Teacher.

Students enjoy the puzzles and activities and don't realize that they're doing Math. Engage your students this November with different math activities to challenge and review key skills. 

Happy Teaching!