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Tuesday, June 1, 2021

How to Learn Subtraction Facts


Do your students know their subtraction facts? 

How to you track what math facts students know? 

Having students keep track of their Math facts doesn't have to be hard. There are some organization tools you can use to help your students master their subtraction facts. Let's look at the best way to learn math facts for kids.  

How to Learn Subtraction Facts

Learning subtraction math facts is a process. Let's look at the progression of Subtraction Math Facts. At the beginning of Kindergarten students are learning to count to 20 and may know some of the 1s facts. By the end of Kindergarten students should be able to fluently subtract within 5. By the end of 1st grade students should know most of their addition facts too. 

Subtraction Flash Cards

Practicing with flash cards helps focus on small math tasks.

There are many ways to get students to master math facts. One way is with flash cards for student practice. Students can practice at their own pace and focus on three, five, or seven math facts at a time. Once they master those, pick more to work on. These Subtraction to 20 math flash cards are 3.5 x 5 inches. You can print and place them in a photo (task card) box for easy storage. 

Subtraction Games

Playing math games is fun and engaging for students.

Another way students can learn math facts is with games. Learning through play is one of the best methods to memorize math facts. Subtraction to 20 math games are printable with playing cards and counting bears included. Students can choose from 11 different math mats to play. Easy to put at a math center or have a Friday game day with the whole class! Engaging students with games will motivate students to enjoy math and master their math facts at the same time.

Subtraction Worksheets

For students who are visual and concrete learners, working with worksheets and manipulatives is best. The Subtraction to 20 worksheets go through the levels of math addition to mastery. Try using worksheets with 20 or less problems. Students should be able to finish the worksheet of 20 problems in less than 10 minutes. If it takes the student longer you can break up the assignment and only highlight the problems they need to practice first. Allow them to come back to the other problems later and work on those. 

Learning subtraction math facts can be quick and easy. Help and motivate students with an easy math facts checklist. This will help students keep track of what subtraction facts they know and what they need to know. 

Want to access the subtraction facts list? 
Click HERE to Download the free math facts checklist

Happy Teaching!