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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Card Sort Activity Lessons and Cut & Paste Math Activities Bundle Grade 7

A COMPLETED Bundle of 7th Grade Card Sort Activity Lessons and Cut & Paste Activities !
This bundle is huge! Over 300+ pages of interactive grade 7 mathematics concept development that you can just print and use with your students! All Card Sort Lesson Plan activities include card sort lesson, cut & paste activities, assessments, and ANSWER KEYS!

This BUNDLE includes:
1. Graphing Equations to Find Proportional Relationships
2. Percents, Fractions, and Decimals
3. Proportions with Similar Figures
4. Unit Rates & Ratios
5. Direct Variation
6. Inverse Variation
7. Variables & Expressions
8. Writing & Solving Inequalities
9. Writing & Solving Multi-Step Equations
10. Scale Drawings
11. Drawing Geometric Shapes
12. Plane Sections
13. Circles: Circumference & Area
14. Finding Unknown Angles
15. Area, Volume, & Surface Area
16. Operations with Integers
17. Random Samples & Populations
18. Analyzing & Comparing Statistical Data
19. Experimental & Theoretical Probability
20. Compound Probability
21. Rational Numbers
22.Proportions and Percents

These activities are the BEST at engaging students in Math. Students cut, paste, and apply understandings of 7th grade Math concepts to problem solve. They use their critical thinking skills to make sense of the Math. All types of learners preserve to get the answers correct and solve the problems. Truly a game changer in any classroom. Watch the light bulb "AHA!" moments happen for your students when they complete these activities. Included are assessments for data tracking to see the growth of your students with these Card Sort Activity Lessons.

Happy Teaching!