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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Back to School Math Packet {FREEBIE + more}

I love Back to School time of year as you get brand new supplies, classroom decorations, and the anticipation for another great year!

{This is one of my favorites from Target's $1 section this year}.
It's definitely a special time of year and one that is exciting for students, parents, and teachers. I have developed a packet for those first few weeks of school where you need classroom activities, pre-assessments, fun activities, and much more to engage your students. It has taken me quite a while to compile these worksheets into one packet, and I hope that you enjoy them with your students too!

I have used these packets in different parts every year as every class of students is different year to year. The one thing though that doesn't change is how much I value having this packet to rely on for last minute activities or get to know you activities at the beginning of the school year. Here are the updated versions of the Back to School NO PREP Math Packets and FREEBIE:
Back To School NO PREP Math FREEBIE
Back To School NO PREP Math Packet - 4th Grade
Back To School NO PREP Math Packet - 5th Grade
Back To School NO PREP Math Packet - 6th Grade
Back To School NO PREP Math Packet - 7th Grade
Back To School NO PREP Math Packet - 8th Grade


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