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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

What's an Interactive Math Notebook?

Do you use Interactive Math Notebooks?

Do your students need more engaging math activities?  

Does your Math curriculum need more student-centered learning? 

Would you like to use a standards-based system notebook that helps your students? 

The Middle School Interactive Math Notebook Bundle is a COMPLETE BUNDLE covering ALL 6th grade Standards! 

Included are the following Interactive Math Notebooks Activities:

What are other teachers saying about this Interactive Math Notebook? 

Destiny said, "This is a time saver! Love this!" "Very practical in the classroom - neatly presented and easily accessible. LOW PREP as well. Thank you so much!" said 6th grade teacher. Katilyn said, "I look forward to using these with my kiddos this year!"
This Interactive Math Notebook was designed to be NO PREP, Print & GO! Easy to read directions, scaffolded approach to help your students make math connections and let students take ownership of their learning process. This was bundle was designed to cover all the standards, give teachers extra examples, and assist students in mastering all the math skills.

Check out the notebook today! Your students will have a great year learning math with this notebook too. 

Happy Teaching!