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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Middle School Math Stations Grades 6, 7, 8

Have you used Math Workshops or Math Stations in your classroom?

Are you looking for the Best Math Stations to use with your students?

Do you want your students to work independently and practice key math skills during class?

The Best Math Stations (Math Workshops) are easy to implement, versatile and differentiate three levels of Math. As a teacher you need math stations to help your students practice and apply many different math skills. Included in these station sets are Math Vocabulary, Math Practice, Math Applications, Technology/Computers, Reading Math in the Real World, and Math Word Problems. Directions are written at the top of every station with a Math Station guide for the students to write their answers on. Your job just got easier, because ALL the answer keys are included for quick grading. This is the perfect classwork assignment for students to complete and finish in one class period!

Get students engaged in math this year. Review key middle school math skills and facilitate your classroom with math station activities. 

Included are the following Math Stations:

*Grade 6:

*Grade 7:

*Grade 8:

Included in all Math Stations activities are the lesson plan directions for setup, Common Core Standards addressed, and answer keys for all Math problems. When I implemented Math stations I saw my students have math concepts reinforced which resulted in higher test scores for my lower achieving students. It helped make connections to other math concepts, to math in the real world, and practical applications of concepts that may seem only theoretical in the classroom. Math stations are an engaging and self-motivating activity. All middle school students love math stations (math workshops) because they are in control of their learning process. 

Teacher Meredith said, "I was intimidated to start math stations with my middle schoolers, but this made it easy and they like it!"

Not sure where to start? Try a Math Station Activity for FREE! 

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    "Love this resource! Literally, no prep necessary!" said middle school math teacher Lari.
    Charlene said, "Awesome resource!  I love the variety/choice of stations."

    These math station activities can be a great resource for your classroom too. Math workshops can help your students engage in grade level math. Get your students practicing and applying key middle school math skills today!

    Happy Teaching!