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Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Stop the Summer Slide

Have you heard of the Summer Slide?

Do you know that students lose two and a half months of math skills? 

How can you correct this problem? 

Stop the Summer Slide

Over the summer students lose 2.5 months of math skills. It is called the Summer Slide. That's more than nine weeks of learning. You can do something to help your students today!

Students who practice math during the Summer do not regress. Studies show that students who do just two hours of grade level math per week during the Summer stay at their current level or improve. What if you didn't have to reteach past skills in August? Yes!

Students can complete a fun review and never lose their skills during the break. Over 10,000 teachers have downloaded the Summer Math Activities packet to help their students not regress in math. You can too!

The Summer Math Activities is a sampling of summer math that your students will want to do every day during the break! This packet is engaging for all learners. It includes grade level appropriate math problems. All math skills are reviewed with coloring, puzzles, and problem solving.

How to use it:
1. A fun review at the end of year or after testing!
2. A summer packet for students to complete at during June, July, & August!!
3. A beginning of the year review activities for August & September!!!


✔This includes 1 day of my 30 DAY Summer Math Activities Packet

✔1 Cover for the Summer Math Packet

✔FUN activities and puzzles centered on reviewing math curriculum

✔1 Letter to Parents & Rubric for Grading the Summer Packet

✔Packed with grade level math problems for review and practice

✔Lots of coloring fun! Students are encouraged to color every page of the Summer math packet.

Remember this summer to refresh yourself and have your students review key math skills. You can stop the Summer Slide and give your students an advantage. Start today!

Have a great Summer,