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Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Pi Day Math Read Aloud Sir Cumference and the Round Table

Do you read aloud in math class?

Do you have a Pi Day Math Read Aloud for your class?

Math Read Aloud Sir Cumference

The Read Aloud Math series is a monthly blog post about one book that can be used for grades 6-8. Every month there is a Math Book Read Aloud that will be shared with different resources for middle school math teachers to use.

This month's Math Read Aloud is "Sir Cumference and the Round Table" by Cindy Neuschwander.  The book is not included in the Math Read Aloud packet. You can purchase the book separately HERE. The Math Read Aloud packet includes comprehension questions, discussion questions, activities, teacher directions, and a read aloud report.

A Transforming Table Activity

March's Read Aloud Math book "Sir Cumference and the Round Table" is a great book to read to Middle school students. Students make real world connections with area in the land of Camelot. A fun and engaging way to look how to find the area of a figure.

A great way to introduce how area of figures is with this read aloud. Students will see fallacies with how people thought area worked. Review what a length and width are, how they work, and what that means for creating and finding the area of a figure. It will spark many math conversations! 

  1. Discussion Questions {with answer key}
  2. Table Problems {with answer key}
  3. A Transforming Table Activity {with student & teacher directions, and pictures}
  4. Read Aloud Report {response paper with & w/out rubric}

Read Aloud Report Included

Students enjoy listening to stories. This is one math story that they will not forget! Tables, knights, a battle, and a King. There is plenty of excitement to be had from Sir Cumference and the Round Table.

Try one or all of the activities with your students. See how they engage with the math content and enjoy making connections through reading. Doing a Math Read Aloud is an easy way to incorporate cross-curricular activities in your classroom. 

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