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Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Be Positive with a Growth Mindset

Do your students have a growth mindset? 

Want to help them grow one in the classroom?

Spread Positivity with growth mindset quotes in your classroom. I'm sharing four quotes that are my favorite. Here are some growth mindset quotes to share with students. 

Every student starts at the beginning. Encourage students to think about something they were not once good at doing. How did they get better? 

You cannot progress without change. Help students see that change can be good. Don't be afraid to work to become better. 

You can change your mindset. You have the power to change anything. Do it. Be nice. Be kind. Grow. 

Make sure your work makes you proud every time. I tell students this all the time. Make your mama proud. Show me your best work! Students want to do their best. Congratulate them when they do.

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Happy Teaching!