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Saturday, March 21, 2020

At Home Learning Do's and Don'ts

Are you looking for at home learning ideas that work?

Do you want your kids to learn at home?

There are many do's and don't of At Home Learning. This time can be fun and enjoyable with your family. Learn what you can do to help your child succeed at home.

It's helpful to listen to your child when they are tired. Learning doesn't have to be difficult. Try one or all of these tips to help your kid have a better At Home Learning experience today! 

At Home Learning Do's and Don'ts 

There are many things to learn about homeschooling. It's a process. This is my first year homeschooling my son in Kindergarten. We have been homeschooling since August 1, 2019. What I have learned is that every day is a new day. If we don't get to it right now, we can do it later. We take learning one day at a time. 

Are there days that I struggle teaching homeschool? Yes. Are there days that he struggles being taught at home? Yes. Take learning at home one day at a time. At Home Learning is not meant to be stressful, it's supposed to be helpful and practical. The goal is to develop a love of learning. Try one or all of these tips to help your child make the most of learning at home.  

1. Follow a regular schedule. 

Last week I wrote a blog about At Home Learning Schedule you can read HERE. It's helpful to keep a schedule that's not rigid. DO NOT make an unrealistic schedule for your family. Leave room for brain breaks and play. Kids just want to be kids. They can learn through play also. 

Daily schedule should be flexible.

2. Set a Start Time. 

Every day of home learning (Monday through Friday) keep a start time in the morning. Start in the morning at 8:00am or 9:00am and let your child do what they can. DO NOT make an afternoon start time. Remember to start as early as you can so that your kids can be alert and ready to learn.   

3. Limit Distractions.

Make it easy for learning to occur. Turn off the devices, television, streaming, phones, music, or whatever might tempt them to stop their learning. DO NOT keep distractions on. The quicker the distractions are turned off and away, the quicker the learning will take place. 

4. Make a Daily Checklist. 

Successful people make checklists. Set your child up for success with a checklist. DO NOT make a checklist of 20 items a day. Make the checklist simple and doable. When your kid is able to complete the list they feel accomplished and can have a reward. 


5. Have a Designated Place. 

Make a designated place for at home learning. Make this a space for your child that they will WANT to do learning in. DO NOT make it a hard space to work in.  Set aside a space for that has plenty of light and easy to complete work from. 
Have a desk or table for your child to work from.

6. Stay Organized. 

Help your child keep all of their academic organized in one place. Keep the organization in the designated place for at home learning. DO NOT let your child stay unorganized. Ask them if they have a system at school that works for them, or help them create a system of organization for their learning to occur.  

7. Take Breaks. 

Brain breaks are essential to mental health and learning. Taking breaks is key to maintaining a healthy balance. DO NOT give a break every two hours. Students should have a break based on their ages. Children that are ages 3-4 can only sit for five to fifteen minutes. Children that are ages 5-6 can only sit for fifteen to twenty-five minutes. Children that are ages 7-9 can only sit for twenty-five to thirty-five minutes. Children that are ages 10-12 can only sit for forty to fifty minutes. Find a balance for your child. How long can they sit? Then take a break. Stand up. Stretch. Breaks are necessary. Give your child one.

Try one or all of these do's and don'ts for At Home Learning. Watch your child flourish at home when given the opportunity to succeed. Setting up an At Home Learning system is key. Your child wants routine. Your child needs a schedule. Make it work best for you and your family. You've got this! 

Happy Home Learning!