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Sunday, July 21, 2019

What's a Math Read Aloud?

Do you do Math Read Alouds with your students?

What types of Math Read Aloud books do you use?

Do you read any Math books to your students?

What's a Read Aloud in Math class look like? 

A Read Aloud is when the teacher is reading a book aloud to students. A Read Aloud in Math class is the math teacher reading a math book (not the textbook) aloud to students. When we read to students, we help students practice listening skills and invite them to engage with the text if they might not be able to read it themselves.

Choosing a Math book to read aloud can be a challenge. You want to pick a book that is on their level, contains grade level appropriate math content, and is easy to discuss after reading aloud. There are many books out there that claim to be "math", but fall short on the content. 

What's the Math Read Aloud series? 

The Math Read Aloud series is a monthly blog post about one math book that can be used for grades 3-5 and grades 6-8. Every month there is a Math Book Read aloud that will be shared with different resources for elementary and middle school math teachers to use. This is an easy to read series that any math class can benefit from. Included are teacher directions, student activities, and discussion questions. 

Why should I read in Math class? 

Reading is important. Have you ever looked at your school's test scores at the end of the year. Really looked at the overall test scores? Let's use a sample school's data called ABC middle school. So ABC had 78% of students score on grade level or above for ELA and only 70% of students score on grade or above level for Math. Is this typical data? Yes. Why? To do today's math you need to not only know your arithmetic skills, but you need to read and synthesize information. This is where Read Alouds help in Math class. 

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