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Thursday, March 12, 2020

Coronavirus Remote Home Learning

The coronavirus presents a unique challenge to educators and parents as schools prepare to temporarily close or turn to remote learning in an effort to contain the outbreak. What should students be accountable for during the long break from school? How do I help my child continue learning during this break? 

The coronavirus is creating a 30-day trial for many parts of the United States. Are you ready for a school quarantine? What do you want your child to do while they are home?

Make a daily routine for your child. The most important thing is that your child is healthy and safe. Practice good hygiene skills while at home. Have your child keep up their school studies with home learning activities. 

Example Daily Schedule

During your home learning routine make time for certain activities. Create a time for reading together for fifteen or twenty minutes. Also give your child activities to review grade level skills in math. 

Home learning activities for remote learning do not have to be difficult. Home learning activities should be fun review for kids. They are not stressful. They are not difficult. Kids should be able to independently do the activities. Try one of these activities with your child!

Coronavirus Remote Home Learning Activities 

1. Spring Break Packet 

Students complete puzzles, challenges, and activities for Spring. These activities are a great review of key grade level math skills. Click Here to Download the FREE Spring Break Packet.

2. Spring Math Activities

Students complete math activities with a spring theme. Also included are word problems and problem solving activities. Click Here to Download Spring Math Activities.

3. March Math Activities

Students complete a monthly review of grade level math skills. This month’s theme is St Patrick’s and April’s theme is Spring. Click Here to Download March Math Activities. 

Try one or all of these activities for home learning during the coronavirus outbreak. Kids need to be safe during the quarantine. Follow the guidelines from the CDC and be safe.

Have a safe Spring Break!