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Saturday, June 29, 2019

How to Create a Positive Classroom Environment

Are you ready to start your school year?

Do you have a creative classroom environment?

Do you want to make your classroom more inclusive?

This blog post is part of a blog series "6 Things GREAT Teachers Do" that will share teacher tips for setting your classroom up for success. With practical tips and techniques that have been used in the classroom, this will be a helpful series for any teacher looking to create a better classroom community. 

How to Create a Positive Classroom Environment

1. Setting up your classroom 

When you are preparing to order your classroom think about how your students will interact. Create a classroom community with your desk arraignment. Make the desks orderly and have purpose. It's best to pair desks for partner activities or put desks in fours for group activities.

2. Color Palette

Did you know that certain colors inspire creativity and learning? Yes it's true. If you were in a classroom with walls painted black you would be inspired to sleep. On the opposite side of the color wheel, if you were in a classroom that had walls painted white you would feel cold and stark. So what is the best color to paint your classroom or add a pop of color with a bulletin board? BLUE. Blue is a great color that gives order, direction, and peace. It is one of the most popular colors for classrooms above green (second) and yellow (third). Blues are easy to incorporate from light blue to teal to navy blues. There are many different shades and even using blue ombre in the classroom today is a trend. Try it the next time you plan a bulletin board! 

3. Positive Motivation

Creating positive motivation for students does not have to be difficult. Find positive phrases to give students. Having specific posters that you can refer to throughout the year can help. Use these Growth Mindset Posters to share with your students that they may not know everything yet, but with a positive mindset they can learn anything!

Creating a Growth Mindset is a process. Have you heard that practice makes perfect? Continue to work with students by saying these phrases daily to promote using effort and hard work to preserve. Students will internalize these phrases and remember the strategies for learning.

Creating a Positive Classroom Environment starts with you. Help create a positive classroom for your students and try one of these tips today!

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Happy Teaching!

6 Things Great Teachers Do - Back to School 2019

Are you ready to start your school year?

Would you like some new tips for the classroom?

Do you want to see how other teachers make their year a success?

Six Things Great Teachers Do

This blog series will cover all you need for setting up a successful school year in your classroom. With practical tips and techniques that have been used in the classroom, this will be a helpful series for any teacher looking to create a better classroom community. Here is the list of topics that will be covered in the next six weeks:
  1. How to Create a Positive Classroom Environment 
  2. Using Classroom Management Techniques
  3. Having Consequences for the Classroom
  4. Grading Math Assignments
  5. Retesting in Math Class
  6. Open Parent Communication Great Teachers Use

Back to school season doesn't have to be hard. Using practical techniques to start the school year is the best way to go. Be a great teacher this year and give your students the best back to school by preparing for it today. Do you want more helpful tips and techniques?  >>Click here<< to subscribe to the VIP teachers email list today!

Happy Teaching!

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

What's an Interactive Math Notebook?

Do you use Interactive Math Notebooks?

Do your students need more engaging math activities?  

Does your Math curriculum need more student-centered learning? 

Would you like to use a standards-based system notebook that helps your students? 

The Middle School Interactive Math Notebook Bundle is a COMPLETE BUNDLE covering ALL 6th grade Standards! 

Included are the following Interactive Math Notebooks Activities:

What are other teachers saying about this Interactive Math Notebook? 

Destiny said, "This is a time saver! Love this!" "Very practical in the classroom - neatly presented and easily accessible. LOW PREP as well. Thank you so much!" said 6th grade teacher. Katilyn said, "I look forward to using these with my kiddos this year!"
This Interactive Math Notebook was designed to be NO PREP, Print & GO! Easy to read directions, scaffolded approach to help your students make math connections and let students take ownership of their learning process. This was bundle was designed to cover all the standards, give teachers extra examples, and assist students in mastering all the math skills.

Check out the notebook today! Your students will have a great year learning math with this notebook too. 

Happy Teaching! 

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Middle School Math Stations Grades 6, 7, 8

Have you used Math Workshops or Math Stations in your classroom?

Are you looking for the Best Math Stations to use with your students?

Do you want your students to work independently and practice key math skills during class?

The Best Math Stations (Math Workshops) are easy to implement, versatile and differentiate three levels of Math. As a teacher you need math stations to help your students practice and apply many different math skills. Included in these station sets are Math Vocabulary, Math Practice, Math Applications, Technology/Computers, Reading Math in the Real World, and Math Word Problems. Directions are written at the top of every station with a Math Station guide for the students to write their answers on. Your job just got easier, because ALL the answer keys are included for quick grading. This is the perfect classwork assignment for students to complete and finish in one class period!

Get students engaged in math this year. Review key middle school math skills and facilitate your classroom with math station activities. 

Included are the following Math Stations:

*Grade 6:

*Grade 7:

*Grade 8:

Included in all Math Stations activities are the lesson plan directions for setup, Common Core Standards addressed, and answer keys for all Math problems. When I implemented Math stations I saw my students have math concepts reinforced which resulted in higher test scores for my lower achieving students. It helped make connections to other math concepts, to math in the real world, and practical applications of concepts that may seem only theoretical in the classroom. Math stations are an engaging and self-motivating activity. All middle school students love math stations (math workshops) because they are in control of their learning process. 

Teacher Meredith said, "I was intimidated to start math stations with my middle schoolers, but this made it easy and they like it!"

Not sure where to start? Try a Math Station Activity for FREE! 

Free Math Stations

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    "Love this resource! Literally, no prep necessary!" said middle school math teacher Lari.
    Charlene said, "Awesome resource!  I love the variety/choice of stations."

    These math station activities can be a great resource for your classroom too. Math workshops can help your students engage in grade level math. Get your students practicing and applying key middle school math skills today!

    Happy Teaching!

    Thursday, June 13, 2019

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    Wednesday, June 12, 2019

    3 Teacher Tips for Back to School

    Are you ready for Back to School?

    Here are 3 Teacher Tips to be Back to School ready in 10 minutes or less!

    3 Teacher Tips for Back to School

    1. Organize 

    Back to school can be overwhelming and you are pulled in all different directions. First, sit down and plan what you are going to do during planning week, during the first week of school, first month, etc. Set small attainable goals in a calendar that you can check off. Having a check list is one of the best ways to stay organized and accomplish your goals.  Download the FREE Back to School Planner with checklist and calendars to maximize your planning time.

    2. Plan in Reverse

    Planning is key to having a successful school year. Planning in reverse will make sure you have your end goals as a priority. Use a calendar to plan out your first quarter. Take your curriculum one day at a time. The best curriculum is the one that you use every day, one day at a time. Remember that consistency is key in staying with your plan for the school year.

    3. Keep students actively ENGAGED

    The first week of school is critical to have everyone on board with your plan for the school year. You set the tone of the classroom, explain the expectations, and most importantly you get to know your students. Keep them engaged while you are getting to know them. 

    Parents ask two questions "did you have fun?" and "what did you learn?" If you're having fun while learning students will retain the information you are teaching. Try using activities and games the first week to build relationships with your students.  

    35 Different activities and math puzzles for Grades 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8. 

    Surveys, Projects, and Math Skills Review for Grades 3 to 5 and 6 to 8. 

    Equations, Rational Numbers, Expressions, Ratios, Proportions and Integers Review.

    Try one new activity to do with your students the first week in August. Watch them light up as they have fun in your classroom! They will remember how happy you made them feel while learning.

    Have a Great Back to School!

    Friday, June 7, 2019

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