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Saturday, March 28, 2020

At Home Learning Questions

Do you have questions about At Home Learning?

How do you do this At Home Learning and make it work?

At Home Learning is new for many teachers, students, and parents right now. It's a new day in education and we're all trying to figure out what's best for the children. What should you be teaching? What are the expectations for the students? There are many questions and hopefully these answers will help you on your journey of At Home Learning.

At Home Learning Questions 

Do you have questions about At Home Learning? Many teachers do. Let's look at some of the solutions that can help you teach more effectively for your students.

1. "What is the best online learning platform to meet up with my students?" 

Currently many teachers are using the platform ZOOM to meet with students and take attendance.

2. "Not all of my students are showing up to the scheduled ZOOM classes. How should I encourage my students to attend?"

Scheduled ZOOM classes should be written in an At Home Learning syllabus. Make sure every student has a copy of the syllabus and understands the expectations. Have students turn in a digital signature that they acknowledge there is a syllabus, know the expectations for your class, and have read the contents of the syllabus.

3. "How many ZOOM classes should I schedule out?"

This depends on a couple factors. How many does your principal require? How many do you think your students will attend before they get burnout? Also remember parents with multiple children have multiple teachers and if all of those teachers are also asking them to show up to all the meetings this will burnout the parents. My answer is LESS IS MORE. Scheduling a one-hour weekly ZOOM is sufficient. Plan ahead. Make it meaningful. The kids will come if they know it's required, they will see friends, and it's limited access. Making your ZOOM classes limited will make them more special and well attended.

4. "How can I put one worksheet from a pdf file in my Google classroom without the answer key?"

My friend SrtaSpanish wrote a great blog post about "How to Assign a PDF for Students to Complete Online". Included is how to obey copyright laws, how to secure the document, and where you place it in your Google classroom for students. It's a 5-Step process that you can complete in 10 minutes or less.

5. "What should I do about grading? My school sent home a packet for students to complete on their own."

If your school sent home a packet for completion, then the student's final grade is based on completion and calculations. If you can put a rubric and letter in the front that will help students understand the expectations for completing the packet. Sending home assignments with a calendar, rubric, and letter to parents can help them navigate what to do, when do turn it in, and how they will be assessed and graded.

These are some of the solutions for At Home Learning. Do you have questions about At Home Learning that weren't addressed here? Just email me at and I'd love to add it to the blog post.

Happy At Home Learning!