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Monday, September 25, 2017

Interactive Math Vocabulary Notebooks (Grades 6 to 8)

This Interactive Math Vocabulary Notebook for sixth grade is meant to help students with increasing their mathematics vocabulary. Students create their own interactive notebook with scaffolded practice. Students are provided a list of vocabulary words to complete every week and finish. Students will be engaged and be proud of their math vocabulary notebooks that they create. This NO PREP interactive notebook can be a success in your classroom too year after year!

Included are:
-Directions for setting up interactive vocabulary notebook
-Cover for interactive vocabulary notebook
-List of vocabulary words
-Additional list of "teacher added" vocabulary words
-10+ different types of vocabulary cards based on the FRAYER Model of Vocabulary Cards
-Template for "Words of the Week" to display in classroom
-Vocabulary Card Rubric for EASY grading!
-Updated 6/5/2017

Page 6 …….… Overview
Page 7 …….… Words of the Week Poster
Page 8-9….… Cover for Notebook (2 different sizes)
Page 10 ..….… Rubric for Vocabulary Notebook
Page 11-16…… Single-Column Vocabulary List (Grade 6 Vocabulary)
Page 17-20 … Double-Column Vocabulary List (Grade 6 Vocabulary)
Page 21-29…. Frayer Model Vocabulary Cards (Large Set (10 x 8.5))
Page 30-38... Frayer Model Vocabulary Cards (Notebook Size Set (9x7))

Happy Teaching!