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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Fall NO PREP Math Packet FREEBIE

Are you looking for fun Fall Math activities?

Do you want to try one Fall Math activity for FREE?

If you said YES, there is a FREEBIE for you!

A sampling of my Math packets that your students will want to do every day of the Fall! This packet is just plain fun. Not only is it PACKED with grade level common core math problems, it also gives students fun coloring, puzzles, and problem solving.

How to use it:
1. A fun review of grade level Math skills
2. Substitute packet for days when you are sick or not at school
3. Bellwork, classwork, and much more

✔This includes 2 days of October Math Activities Packet
✔1 Cover for the Fall Math Packet
✔FUN activities and puzzles centered on reviewing math curriculum
✔1 Letter to Parents & Rubric for Grading the Fall Packet
✔Packed with common core math problems for review and practice
✔Lots of coloring fun. I’ve intentionally designed this packet with lots of pictures and borders to color. A MUST: Using a set of crayons or markers.

One of the reasons these packets are great resources in teachers' classrooms is that they are easy to use, print & go, and every student is ENGAGED! I've had many students become disengaged in Math in my classroom and the only way to "bring them back" to engagement and learning was through a fun puzzle or activity where they didn't realize they were "doing math". These activities are great for below grade level, on grade level and above grade level students in that each type of student is challenged to learn a new way to solve a math puzzle activity. I hope that your students enjoy these Fall Math activities too. 

Happy Teaching!