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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Middle School Math Stations 101 Guide

Once upon a time I was introduced to Math Workshops {also called Math Stations}, and I was hesitant {maybe like you are today} of how to implement such a program in my middle school classroom. I tried a couple different strategies to see what worked best for my students and I. It was a lot of trial and error, but I figured out what worked well for my students and I to gain the most from the time spent in Math stations.

Last year I published my Math Stations on Teachers Pay Teachers to share with other teachers what worked well in my classroom and help you to start them in your own. In each Math station activity I have included six different stations for students to work independently or with group members.

Math stations can be a wonderful and engaging experience for all students. The independent and group learning that takes place helps students to make Math connections and take ownership of their learning process.

If you're not sure where to start and need help getting Math Stations going in your Middle School Math classroom, then I recommend first using the Middle School Math Stations 101 Guide. Putting into practice the math station activities in my classroom was an easy and seamless transition. My students scored higher on tests and my principals always loved seeing these in action in the classroom. {Check out the comments section where other teachers have noted their principal's excitement about using Math Reading Stations in their classrooms too}. I recommend using these materials in your classroom and adapting them to meet the needs of your students. In this packet I offer additional activities and ways for you to make Math stations applicable to you and your students. First and foremost this is a system that works and can be made to work in your classroom too!
Middle School Math Stations 101 Guide

This product has tips for organizing and managing Math station activities in your Middle School classroom. It also explains how to get started, where to problem solve, chart student success, and many more strategies to help you make Math stations work for you.

This resource contains EVERYTHING you need to accomplish having successful Math station activities in your classroom including one Math Station Activity: Operations with Integers (a $3.00 value and not offered anywhere else but in this packet).

Included are:

-NO PREP Resources for running Math Stations in your classroom

-How to organize Math Stations for your classroom

-Ways to incorporate different Math Stations in your classroom

-Strategies to help you start Math Stations in your classroom

-How to manage teacher facilitated activities for 60-90 minutes of classroom time

-Math Stations Activity {Operations with Integers}
1. Vocabulary of Integers
2. Technology with Integers (requires internet for
3. Practice of Operations with Integers
4. Additional Practice of Operations with Integers
5. Real World Applications of Integers
6. Word problems of Operations with Integers
I hope this can be a valuable resource in your classroom too. I never regretted using Math Stations in the classroom. My students used to always ask "When are we doing stations this week?" That's the excitement and love for learning that you can create for your students too.