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Sunday, September 20, 2020

Digital Math Activities for Middle School

Need engaging digital math activities for middle school? 

These digital math activities are great for practice, applications, and math skills review. A COMPLETE BUNDLE covering all 6th, 7th, & 8th grade standards! These digital activities are easy to assign and engage your students. A must-have set for any middle school math teacher using Google Classroom. Easy to add activities to your digital math class through Google Apps!

Please see the PREVIEW above for an idea of everything included click HERE!

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  1. Integers
  2. Factors & Multiples
  3. Rational Numbers
  4. Operations with Fractions
  5. Operations with Decimals
  6. Representing Rates & Ratios
  7. Applying Rates & Ratios
  8. Percents
  9. Equivalent Numerical Expressions
  10. Equivalent Algebraic Expressions
  11. Equations & Relationships
  12. Relationships in Two Variables
  13. Distance & Area in the Coordinate Plane
  14. Area & Polygons
  15. Surface Area & Volume of Solids
  16. Displaying, Analyzing, & Summarizing Data
  17. Adding & Subtracting Integers
  18. Multiplying & Dividing Integers
  19. Rational Numbers
  20. Rates & Proportionality
  21. Proportions & Percents
  22. Expressions & Equations
  23. Inequalities
  24. Modeling Geometric Figures
  25. Circumference, Area, & Volume
  26. Random Samples & Populations
  27. Analyzing & Comparing Data
  28. Experimental Probability
  29. Theoretical Probability & Simulations
  30. Real Numbers
  31. Exponents & Scientific Notation
  32. Proportional Relationships
  33. Non-Proportional Relationships
  34. Writing Linear Equations
  35. Functions
  36. Linear Equations
  37. Solving Systems of Linear Equations
  38. Transformations & Congruence
  39. Transformations & Similarity
  40. Angle Relationships in Parallel Lines & Triangles
  41. The Pythagorean Theorem
  42. Volume
  43. Scatter Plots
  44. Two-Way Tables

Answer keys are also provided.

This bundle is perfect for learning and practicing all 6th, 7th, and 8th grade math standards.

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How other teachers have used Digital Math activities. 

"My students loved the activities and I loved that there were activities for each standard. I also liked that I could post them on Google Classroom." -Elizabeth 

"This was an excellent resource during remote learning. It was engaging for my students. It was also really easy to work with the seller to put the bundle together!" - Danielle

Take note: These are digital math activities for Google Apps use only. You can use any of these activities with a secure classroom website that uses Google Apps. 

Happy Teaching!