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Sunday, September 20, 2020

Digital Math Activities 6th Grade

 Want to engage your students in math center activities for Google Classroom? 

This COMPLETE BUNDLE covers ALL 6th grade standards! These digital activities are easy to assign and engage your students. A must-have set for any sixth grade Math teacher to using Google Classroom. Easy to add activities to your digital math class through Google Apps!

Please see the PREVIEW above for an idea of everything included click HERE!

By purchasing this bundle, you are saving 40% off the price of the individual units.


  1. Integers
  2. Factors & Multiples
  3. Rational Numbers
  4. Operations with Fractions
  5. Operations with Decimals
  6. Representing Rates & Ratios
  7. Applying Rates & Ratios
  8. Percents
  9. Numerical Expressions
  10. Algebraic Expressions
  11. Equations & Relationships
  12. Coordinate Plane & Variables
  13. Distance & Area in the Coordinate Plane
  14. Area & Polygons
  15. Surface Area & Volume of Solids
  16. Displaying, Analyzing, & Summarizing Data

Answer keys are also provided.

This bundle is perfect for learning and practicing all 6th grade math standards.

Want to have all of your lesson plans done? 

Ready to just click and add to your math classroom? 


How other teachers have used Digital Math activities. 

"My students loved the activities and I loved that there were activities for each standard. I also liked that I could post them on Google Classroom." -Elizabeth 

"This was an excellent resource during remote learning. It was engaging for my students. It was also really easy to work with the seller to put the bundle together!" - Danielle

Take note: These are digital math activities for Google Apps use only. You can use any of these activities with a secure classroom website that uses Google Apps. 

Happy Teaching!