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Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Ratios Word Problems

Are your students learning ratios?

Do your students need ratios word problem notes?

Ratios Word Problems

The best way strategy for retaining knowledge is handwriting notes. This is a strategy that yields high success rates and scores. Try one of the three ways to take notes.

1. Copy Notes. 

Have students copy teacher notes. From the board or overhead projector students can copy what you tell them they need to know. This is a good strategy for note taking. You are modeling what students need to know. You are showing students exactly how to solve the math problems. Research has proven that students can learn and internalize this information when they are the ones doing the handwriting.

2. Scaffolded Notes. 

Provide a set of notes that are half blank. Ask students to infer. Ask students to use context clues. Help them make connections to math concepts. Provide meaningful answers to answer scaffolded questions. This is a great way to differentiate instruction. It is also a great support for students with IEPs. This is an easy modification for an set of notes. Students appreciate not having to write every detail, but rather focus on what is important.

3. Question Notes. 

Question Notes are an approach to note taking that starts with the question. The question is often the subtopic of the notes and leads into details of note taking. Showing students how to start questions and answer them in note form is beneficial for real life note taking.

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Happy Teaching!