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Friday, September 13, 2019

5 Math Terms to Add to Your Classroom Word Wall

How do you your students practice math vocabulary?

Do your students practice using math terms?

This month's topic is how to use math vocabulary to increase student growth. Last week's blog "3 Strategies for Practicing Math Vocabulary" was about ways to increase math vocabulary practice in your classroom today.  This week we take a look at word walls. Do you have a classroom word wall?

5 Math Terms to Add to Your Classroom Word Wall

What is a math word wall? 

A word wall is a wall that displays high frequency math terms (words that you often use in text, talk, or visuals). Word walls are an important part of the math classroom. They reinforce the correct spelling of math terms, help display terms for writing and talking about math, and show connections between terms.

What makes a word wall successful?

A word wall's success hinges on three things. 

  • Collaboration
  • Daily Use
  • Student Created
Students need to collaborate as a class to make the word wall. This is a great mini lesson for the students to create definitions, pictures, and examples to add to the word wall. The best word walls are not static pictures created by a publisher or teacher. The best word walls are student created and interactive. When students take ownership of the classroom environment they thrive. They go from daily visitors in the teacher's room to active community members in a place of learning. Watch your students use the word wall daily in discussion, writing, and more.

5 Math Terms Every Word Wall Should Have

There are 5 words you want to include on your word wall to get started. The math terms you should add to your word wall are listed below. Consider adding these terms to your wall to help your students make math connections. 

Fraction, Greater Than, Less Than, Product, Sum

Absolute Value, Coordinate Plane, Equation, Integer, Ratio

Be intentional with your word wall. Watch your students take ownership and learn new words.  Download these five math terms and start your word wall today!

Free Math
Word Wall Terms

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