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Thursday, August 29, 2019

Middle School Math Curriculum Maps 2019-2020

Where is your instruction going?

Do you have a road map to guide your teaching?

At the beginning of the year we look for direction. What do the students need to learn? When do you teach it? There is a solution. A curriculum map to lead instruction towards the finish line.

Middle School Math Curriculum Maps

How do you get from your house to the grocery store? A map. How do you know what your students need to learn? A map. We all need a math map to guide instruction. 

What does a math curriculum map look like? 

A curriculum map shows what is taught in a grade level week by week. It can also be drawn out month by month or give a year overview.  A yearlong pacing guide gives a look at what should be taught in a 10-month school year. Quarterly content checklists give purpose and drive to continue instruction. 

A Curriculum Map Should Include: 
✔How to Plan the Math

✔Quarterly Sequence of CCSS Aligned

✔Weekly Sequence Checklist
✔1-Year Calendar Pacing Guide

✔Big Ideas to Review

✔Quarterly Activities and Pacing

✔1-Year Planning Calendar

Map Out Your Year

There are certain areas of math content that should be well planned for. Know which areas will be assessed on your end of course exam. Keep your focus on teaching those specific math concepts well. Plan extra days in your math curriculum schedule for those units. Prepare to have more activities to help students master the key math skills.

Plan For Your Students

There are many different ways to teach math. Students can learn with notes, games, math stations, task cards, or practice with a card sort activity. Try different activities with different classes to see how best they learn and master the skills. Remember to keep your focus on the students. The best curriculum is student centered!

Free Math Grades 6-8 Curriculum Checklist

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    Happy Planning!