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Thursday, August 1, 2019

First Week of School Middle Math Lesson Plans

Are you ready for the first week of Middle School Math?

Do you want to see a set of Middle School Math lesson plans?

First Week of School Middle Math Lesson Plans

The first week of school doesn't have to be hard. I want to help make it easier for you. I'm sharing my first week of school middle math lesson plans. It's not scripted, but gives an idea of the time frame for you use during a 45 minute to 60 minute class period. If you are on block schedule you can use 1.5 days for your block schedule.

Included is an outline for each day of math activities to do with the students. It's important to review classroom rules and procedures. Every day there is a different classroom rule or procedure being taught and reviewed. Also included is a list of where to find math activities to help your students the first week or two of school. It's important to set your students up for success!

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