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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Pi Day Math Stations Middle School

Do you want to engage your students in Pi Day?

Ready to celebrate Pi Day?

These Pi Day activities are intended to help students understand Pi in its relation to the world and mathematics. Your students can do all six different Pi Day math stations to learn the history of Pi, the formulas associated with Pi for circumference and area, and other key Pi concepts. 

Stations include: 
1. Vocabulary
2. Practice with Circumference
3. Circumference Word Problems 
4. Practice with Area
5. History of Pi 
6. Area Word Problems
7. Technology or Pie Eating Station (OPTIONAL)

Students favorite station of course is the pie eating station. If only they could eat pie every day! Make it a memorable day and have students bring in cookies, pies, or any round dessert to share. 

 -BONUS "Pi Eating" Station Table Tent included!
-Student Station Guide or Student Mini Book of Pi helps students record their answers

Remember to keep it light and fun! Pi day will be a math day your students will remember how much fun they had with their teacher and classmates, also eating all that pie!

Happy Teaching!