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Friday, February 22, 2019

Closet Makeover

Do you have a hallway closet that needs TLC? 

That's exactly what we had in our 1970s house. A front hallway closet that needed some TLC. It was an unusable space that needed repurposed. We housed all of our cleaning supplies, plastic bags, and the occasional coat (before the bar fell out). We needed help to get this closet back on track and helping our family of five be more organized.

The Closet Makeover Plan. 

My husband created the plans for the closet to become a mudroom for our family. We designed exactly how we wanted everything to function from the drawers to the shelf.

This is a drawing of one of the two shelf supports. He created the drawings with the dimensions of our closet. Then asked me for approval before making any cuts. 

This is the original mock up of the closet. Originally we were going to have four drawers, but after the drawings were created, the drawers were going to be too small. We went with a 3 panel, 3 drawer design instead.

Attention to Details.

Everything in the mudroom closet was easy to medium difficulty for my husband. He used his woodworking tools to create everything inside.

The closet is narrow, only 56 inches inside with a 48 inch opening to the hallway. Each panel inside is 14.5 inches. Each panel was designed with two double hooks (for a total of 6 hooks). The hooks we purchased were a pack of Black 2 prong coat hooks here (affiliate link).
The bench is 56 inches long with a depth of 18 inches. We also hand picked and purchased the Black 4 inch drawer pulls here (affiliate link). The insides of the drawers are 13 inches by 15 inches to hold at least four pairs of adult shoes. The kids have one drawer and my husband & I each have our own shoe drawers. Our kids are 4, 3, and 0, so their shoes are small right now. We may re-evaluate drawer ownership in the future. 

Final Results. 

We are very pleased with the renovations. Our hallway closet has never been so organized and well kept. This is giving us momentum to start our next renovation project.

Happy DIY-ing!