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Saturday, June 16, 2018

Pattern Blocks Elementary Task Cards (Set 2)

Do your students like to make and create with blocks?

Do you want to challenge them to think critically? 

These Pattern Block Activities are NO PREP Math Centers that will keep your students engaged! Using Pattern Blocks in Math class is just plain fun. Not only is it does it help your students with their critical thinking and problem solving skills, but it also gives students time to experiment and develop conceptual knowledge of Geometry. Use this Pattern Blocks packet for classwork, fast finishers, or Math Centers! 

Included are 3 differentiated sets of task cards:
Set A aides students in seeing at least three shapes in the composite figure

Set B aides the students in seeing at least one shape in the composite figure

Set C does not have any shapes outlined. Students must use geometry knowledge and critical thinking skills to find out what shapes are in the composite figure. 


*3 Different Levels of 10 Pattern Block Math Task Cards

*Total of 30 Math Puzzle Task Cards

*FUN puzzles centered on developing conceptual knowledge of Geometry

*Helps students develop critical thinking

*Guides students through making problem solving decisions

*An ANSWER KEY for each task card is included.

*Manipulatives are included (Color and Black & White Pattern Blocks) just PRINT, CUT & GO!

Another option for students is writing about how they used their knowledge of geometry to find the correct number of shapes in each composite figure. 

These task cards are so easy to implement and you don't have to own a classroom set of pattern blocks. Included in the packet are a printable set of pattern blocks which are easy to reproduce for students in your classroom. 

Other teachers have used set 1 and said, "These are great and worked perfectly in the math stations I was doing. Thanks!" -Nicole. "These are so much fun! I love having resources to give students hands on practice!" -Anne "These are awesome as an early-finisher activity or math station during our geometry unit.  My fourth graders love them!  I love the cards that require kids to explain their rationale for the shapes they chose.  Great product!" -Megan

Happy Teaching!