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Friday, March 2, 2018

FREE Spring Break Math Packet

Do you want a fun Spring review for your students?

Do you want to send home an Spring Break math review?

This Spring Break NO PREP Math packet that will keep your students engaged in Math over their break! This packet is designed to be fun for students to complete. This is a versatile tool for grades 3 to 8. 

*2 different covers for your student's Spring Break Packet
*1 letter to students discussing the packet and when it is DUE
*1 rubric for EASY grading when the packet is returned to school 
*This packet encourages fun Math review while away from school on Spring Break

Spring Break is a great time to send home a couple activities for students to review. Make it fun and easy for the students to complete. Having students feel successful independently helps them to ENJOY learning and growing academically. Cultivate and create this environment for your students inside and outside of the classroom and watch your students shine.

Happy Teaching!