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Monday, March 5, 2018

End of Year Math Review - Grade 5

Do you want to review 5th grade math skills with your students?

Do your students need an quick summative review of 5th grade math?

This End of Year Math Review is intended to help students understand how to answer assessment questions based on the fifth grade Common Core State Standards. Students also review key vocabulary words and assess their understanding of all fifth grade Common Core State Benchmarks.

Included in the mini booklet are: 
-60 CCSS Math Review Questions
-Teacher facilitated activity for 60-90 minutes of classroom time or Independent Activity for Students as Bell work, Classwork, or Homework to review for CCSS exam
-Vocabulary Review
-Student Self Assessment
-NO PREP Print & GO! Mini Booklet

All 5th grade topics covered:
Place Value
Dividing Whole Numbers
Operations with Decimals
Operations with like Fractions
Operations with unlike Fractions
Finding Patterns in Math

It's easy to keep in one place and have as an easy reference and review booklet. Your students will show mastery and be ready for the end of year test.

Happy Reviewing!