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Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Math Test Taking Strategies

Do you do math test prep in your classroom?

Should we even bother preparing our students for the math test?

YES! We should focus on preparing students. Do you take a test without studying first? Preparing your students will help them achieve better results. Try one or all of these strategies with your students.

Math Test Taking Strategies

1. Be prepared. 

What is the math test going to cover? What do I need to know to pass? Be ready to take on the math test by studying the material weeks ahead of time.

2. Review early. 

It's never too early to start reviewing for the math test. Review by yourself or with a group. Do a couple questions a day leading up to the big test.

3. Make an outline. 

Prepare your own math test notes outline. List what math concepts you need to know for the test. Add any other information that is important.

4. Take a practice test. 

Before testing day, find a math practice test to take. This will help you know if you are ready or need to review more math skills.

5. Be relaxed. 

Take a moment before the test to take a deep breath. Focus on what you need to accomplish to pass the test.

6. Listen to the teacher. 

Before, during, and after the math test you should be listening to the directions. Ask the teacher to repeat the directions if you didn't hear them.

7. Memory dump. 

List any important information that you want to not forget on the math reference sheet or first page of the math test. This way you won't forget it!

8. Read the directions. 

Carefully read and re-read the test directions. What are they asking? What do you have to do to find the correct answer?

9. Answer all the questions. 

Even if you're short on time, it's important to answer all the questions.

10. Use your time wisely.

If you know how long the math test will take watch the clock and pace yourself. If you're no sure about a question leave it for the end and come back later to answer it.

11. Get plenty of sleep. 

Go to bed early the night before. Get at least eight hours of sleep or the best sleep you can.

12. Eat breakfast and lunch. 

Eat your breakfast and lunch before the math test. It may be in the early morning or early afternoon. Make sure you have eaten ahead of time.

13. Stay hydrated. 

If allowed keep a water bottle by your desk. Make sure you have a drink before the math test.

14. Use the bathroom. 

Go to the bathroom before the math test.

15. Sharpen pencils. 

Make sure you have plenty of new number two sharpened pencils with erases. It's always good to have at least two at your desk just in case.

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