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Saturday, February 22, 2020

Math Test Prep Tips

How do you prepare your students for the big math test? 

Do you give students tips for math test prep? 

Math Test Prep Tips 

Getting students ready for the end of year test doesn't have to be hard. Prepare your students now. Have a plan in place and watch your students exceed testing expectations. The only way to succeed is with a plan in place. Do you have one? Here are 3 tips for math test prep.


1. Take a Diagnostic Test. 

Find out what math concepts students know from this baseline assessment. This will give you an overall picture of what they know and don't know. You can strategically plan to reteach and review what students didn't know on the diagnostic test. 

2. Practice Grade Level Math. 

Only quality test prep will help your students succeed. If you are not using test prep time to review the big math concepts you are wasting your time. Plan ahead what concepts you will cover.

3. Demonstrate How to Take a Math Test. 

Completing a standardized test is not always intuitive. Students need help navigating how to read directions, solve math problems, and where to put their answers. Start by reviewing the grade level reference sheet that students will receive on test day. Look over formulas and measurement conversions. Show students how they can use the reference sheet to help them solve problems.

Want to help your students earn higher test scores this year? Use these math tips and more to plan to for your students' success. Sign up to access your test prep roadmap today! 

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