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Friday, February 7, 2020

3 Ways to Take Math Notes

How do your students take Math Notes?

Do your students know how to take Math Notes?

3 Ways to Take Math Notes 

Taking math notes can be a daunting task. How do students set up their notes? What should be included? What rules are there to follow? How to make note taking exciting and so on. Here are three easy ways to take math notes and keep your students engaged!

1. Make it different. 

Have your students try a different type of math notes. Do your students like to cut, fold, and make interactive notes? Have students make fold and flip notes. These are easy to make with a single piece of paper.

2. Keep it brief.

Math notes do not need to be lengthy. The best way to take notes brief is with the 3 topic approach. Each lesson should be broken down into 3 topics. Those are the big ideas for the math notes that day. Base your notes off of this approach and students will not be overwhelmed with note taking.

3. Scaffold the Learning. 

Use math notes as a scaffolding learning experience. Give students the 3 subtopics and framework for the notes. Have students fill in the blanks or complete the notes with teacher assistance, listening, or their textbook. Giving students all the information can be overwhelming, but scaffolding the information will help students

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