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Thursday, October 12, 2017

October Interactive Math Notebook Activities for Kindergarten

My son absolutely loves his Interactive Notebook. We do lots of fun and engaging activities in the journal to interact with the concepts. We go back and review from the previous day what we learned and I ask him to repeat his answers to me as a summative assessment of his work. Here are some of the questions I ask him:
-How many does the (person/thing) have?
-Count to this number.
-Which is the greater number?
-Which is the smaller number?
-Which one is more?
-Which one is less?
-Tell me one thing you know from this page.
-What did you learn today?

If he's not quite sure we review it again the next and pull out an additional activity with that standard. There are over 50 pages of October Math in this packet. Helping students review, practice, and apply math concepts is key in building number sense skills. This packet is to help your students become more fluent in number sense with numbers 0-9. You can easily adapt this to any math journal or math interactive notebook already established. Your students will be engaged and learning which will help them retain the information for test time. You can easily facilitate this every day or a couple days a week during October. All your students will need is a glue stick, pencil, and scissors. Simply print in black and white or color and have them apply their number base ten skills. I know this can be a success in your classroom too!

Happy Teaching!