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Saturday, October 28, 2017

Halloween Tessellations Math Art Project

Do you want your students to incorporate Math, Art, and Halloween?

This activity is just right for your class! This Halloween Tessellations NO PREP Math Project is a great END OF OCTOBER activity for students! This packet teaches students about tessellation history, how to make and use tessellations, and how to create beautiful art with shapes. Use this packet for bellwork, classwork, extra credit, fast finishers, or homework.


*7 different Engaging Math Activities
*NO PREP, Print & GO Activities! (Only materials needed: scissors, tape, and a pencil).
*FUN & rigorous activities centered on reviewing math curriculum
*Halloween THEMED
*Topics covered: Geometry (Regular Polygons)
*Great Halloween Project to complete in any Math class!

Activities Included:
-Halloween Tessellations 101 {with answer key}
-Comparing Candy Corn {with answer key}
-Candy Corn Tessellations {with answer key}
-Comparing Jack-o-laterns {with answer key}
-Jack-o-laterns Tesselations {with answer key}
-Halloween Tesselations
-Make Your Own Tessellation Project {with teacher directions, rubric and pictures}

I hope your students enjoy learning about tessellations and making fun Math art! These are truly simple PRINT & GO activities that you can use in any Math class. Students love coloring and drawing tessellations. They use critical thinking skills to make their OWN tessellations and apply their understandings of what a tessellation's attributes are. This helps your students make connections in Geometry to the real world.

Happy Halloween!