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Monday, November 30, 2020

Christmas Tessellations Math Project

Ready for creating art in math class?

Get your students in the holiday spirit with this fun and engaging math project! 

Students create Math Art with tessellations. This is a fun December project for the math classroom. Try one or all of the 7 projects with your students. 

7 Christmas Tessellation Math Projects

1. Make Tree Tessellations 

Students line up the edges to create tessellations with trees.

A fun activity for students to create art with trees. Using different colors adds visual interest. Applying Geometry standards with lining up the trees with the same figure tree. 

2. Build Holiday Bell Tessellations

Use holiday handbells to create tessellations. Students have to figure out how to tessellate handbells with lines and figures.

3. Stencil Stockings for the Holidays

Students will enjoy making fun holiday stockings. Put a flair on each stocking with your own unique drawings. Tessellating stockings is creative and fun. 

4. Creating Cookie Tessellations

Students have to figure out if gingerbread cookies can tessellate. A great investigation project into what makes a tessellation work. 

5. Giving Gifts of Tessellations

A favorite activity for the holidays is gift giving. The bows make the present pop in this art project. Design with different colors to create a masterpiece.

6. Snowball Tessellations

Another great investigation into what types of shapes make tessellations. Students experiment with snowballs and similar shapes to figure out if they tessellate.

7. Ticket Tessellations

Students tessellate train tickets for the holidays. A fun seasonal favorite. Using rectangles and circles to make continuing figures.

Download the Christmas Tessellations Math Project today!

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