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Sunday, March 15, 2020

How to Prepare for a Math Test

How do you prepare your students for a math test?

Do you spend any time preparing your students for the end of year math test?

In previous blog posts we discussed Math test prep tips and 15 Math test taking strategies for math test success. These were great points of discussion for making a math test success plan and what strategies to teach your students to use on testing day. Another point that needs to be addressed is how to prepare for a math test. Today's blog post goes over all the top five things necessary to prepare your students for math test success.

How to Prepare for a Math Test

When preparing for a Math test first look at the big picture. What is the end result you want for your students? What will your students accomplish? Start from the desired end product and work backwards.

Do you want your students to pass the math test? What do they need to know to pass the test? Look for math test prep materials to help your students, make a lesson plan, and outline your plan of action.

Make a 1-week or 2-week plan to follow for math test success. 

The following are tips for math test success. For optimal success try  all of these activities to prepare your students for the math test. When students are prepared, then they can succeed.

5 Tips for Preparing Students for a Math Test

The following tips for preparing students for a math test are guidelines for math test success. What you do to prepare is up to you. Try one or all of these with your students to maximize their preparedness. 

1. Know how to use a reference sheet. 

Look up your state math assessment website. Do you get a reference sheet with your math test? If you do, print it before hand and review it with students. 

2. Know how to use a calculator if necessary. 

Learning how to use a calculator is not always intuitive. Do your students get to use a calculator on the math test? Teach your students what all the keys means before the test day.

3. Know what material to cover. 

Before you begin planning look at what your students are supposed to know. What will be covered on the math test? Teach or reteach math material for test prep success.

4. Know how to check for mistakes.

After solving problems always check your work. Do your students know this important step? Review how to answer a math problem from start to finish. 

5. Know how to review your test answer sheet.

After finding the answer for a math problem, write it on the answer sheet correctly. Make sure the right bubbles are bubbled. Put the correct numbers in the right columns.  You've done all the hard work to find the answer, don't mess up writing it on your answer sheet. 

Plan Your Math Test Success Now

Getting your students to earn higher test scores isn't tricky. Make a plan for success. Download the roadmap for Math Test Success today! 

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