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Monday, February 17, 2020

Pi Day Activities for a Pi Day Party

Ready for Pi Day?

Planning to celebrate in the classroom?

Do you want to have a Pi Day Party?

Pi Day is the perfect day to celebrate math! Students can have fun learning about new math concepts and eat some pie too. Make it a memorable day for your students and try one of these activities!

Pi Day Activities for a Pi Day Party

1. Plan a Party 

Make Pi day a day to remember! Plan a Pi Day party in your classroom. Set up the room with math centers or stations. Get your students moving and making math connections. Whatever you choose for your students to do, make it fun!

2. Measure Pies

Make Pi day a hands-on activity day. Use a tape measure or ruler to find the circumference, diameter, or radius of a pie. Have students find the fractions of a pie. Bring in real world applications and watch your students make new connections in math.

3. Eat Pie

No Pi day is complete without a pie. Allow students to bring in a pie to share with classmates for extra credit. So many students will rise to the challenge. Who doesn't like to eat pie?

4. Memorize Pi

Pi is a very important number. Challenge your students to memorize the digits of Pi. Hold a contest and see who can say the most digits of Pi. 

5. Try a Pi Day Activity

Pi day only happens once a year. Make it special with an activity. Have students make a Pi day paper chain, learn about the history of Pi, or make a Pi city with math. Make it engaging with a new activity to challenge students' mathematical thinking!

Happy Pi Day!