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Saturday, April 20, 2019

End of School Year Tips

Are your students counting down to Summer break?

Do you want to use some End of School Year Tips to keep your students engaged?

4 End of School Year Tips 

Tip #1: Play a game!

Set students up in partners or groups of 4 for a game day. Let the students play 2 or 3 different games during math class. Rotate the games like math workshops. Students will enjoy the movement from different game math stations and have fun playing different games. Click HERE to download End of Year Math Games.

Tip #2: Create a game!

Get your students involved in creating and playing a game. Everyone loves to play games. Have your students create math games in your classroom! The End of Year Math Game Board Project gives students the tools to create their own game. Students create board games in class and play them with each other. They learn through the process how to create, make, and play a math game. Click HERE to download. 

Tip #3: Use Problem Solving Skills!

Have your students use their problem solving skills at the End of School Year. Challenge them to complete and solve difficult problems. Watch them preserve and learn how to solve different problems. Give them a Geometry problem to solve with Pattern Blocks. Click HERE to download.  

Tip #4: Do a puzzle!

Students love activities, games, and puzzles. A math puzzle that includes practice and problem solving can be educational and fun! Try one today! Sign up for a FREE decimals math puzzle to be sent to your inbox.

These 4 End of School Year Tips are encouraging for your May and June planning. Remember to keep your students engaged and having fun learning! Students will remember this time of the school year and how many great memories were made in math class.

Happy End of School Year!