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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Spring Math 5th Grade April

Do your fifth graders need math review? 

Do you have a substitute coming in April? 

These Spring Math activities will keep your fifth graders engaged! This packet is just plain fun. Not only is it PACKED with fifth-grade common core math problems, it also gives students fun coloring, puzzles, and problem solving. Use this packet for bellwork, classwork, extra credit, fast finishers, or homework!


*25 different math puzzle worksheets
*FUN activities and puzzles centered on reviewing math curriculum.
*Packed with 5th grade common core math problems for review and practice. 
*An ANSWER KEY for each worksheet.
*Lots of coloring fun. I’ve intentionally designed this packet with lots of pictures and borders to color. A MUST: Using a set of crayons or markers.

Topics Covered:
-Adding Decimals
-Subtracting Decimals
-Multiplying Decimals
-Dividing Decimals
-Comparing Fractions
-Adding & Subtracting Fractions with unlike denominators
-Multiplying Fractions
-Dividing Fractions
-Graphing Coordinates
-Converting Measurements
-Line Plots
-Volume of Cubes

Each Spring math activity reviews a key grade level skill. 

Giving your students the opportunity for math fluency and enrichment in number sense helps all their other math skills flourish. Increasing time to practice math fluency and different math challenges helps students think critically about the math process. Other teachers have commented, "Used it to make a packet so my kid stayed active over spring break! Thanks!" and "Loved using this for a sub. I hope your students enjoy them too. 

Happy Teaching!