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Saturday, December 29, 2018

3 Tips for Pre-K Writing

Is your preschooler ready to write? 

Tip #1: Make sure your Pre-K student is ready. I recently found myself at the point where my preschooler was ready to write letters and form words. This was a great step in the writing process. He would pick up the pencil and trace the letters. Then he began to write the letters himself with little to no direction. Afterwards, I noticed that there was a problem. His pencil grip needed adjusting.

Do you practice the proper pencil grip? 

Tip #2: Check their pencil grip. I began the search for a pencil to help him with his pencil grip. I was constantly reminding him to "three finger pinch" the pencil. I was saying it so much I thought about recording my voice and just pressing the play button again and again. Instead of automating my voice, I found a solution by using a new writing tool.

What do we use?

Tip #3: Have the proper writing utensil. We are using the "Tri-Write" pencils that I found on Amazon (affiliate link below). These are helping him develop his "three finger pinch". It has definitely helped him hold the pencil with ease. He is able to write and hold the pencil to make the letters. When he has mastered this skill of pencil grip and hold we will be transitioning to a regular pencil.

I hope this helps in your journey of teaching writing. This is a great accommodation for students who need help holding a pencil, learning to write, and forming letters. Learning to love writing starts with learning to hold a pencil. The right pencil can make a big difference to the learner.

Happy Teaching!