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Monday, November 5, 2018

Top 10 Holiday Gift List for Teachers

What do you get your child's teacher for the holidays?

A small something to say thank you for helping their education?

Teachers often are not of during the holiday season. They appreciate small gifts from students and parents. Holiday gifts for teachers do not have to be elaborate. Teachers appreciate cards, notes from students, and small tokens of thanks. It's the one time of year to spread cheer and thank your child's teacher for all they have done for your child's education. Here is a list of 10 items that teachers LOVE to receive and appreciate your thoughtfulness. (I've included my affiliate amazon links).

1. Starbucks Mug Gift Set. Perfect for tea, coffee, or cocoa. A great gift for one or multiple teachers.
2. Flair Pens. The preferred pen of every teacher. A great gift that is practical and helpful in classroom.
3. Astrobrights Paper. Students love to have colorful paper in the classroom and teachers enjoy using it just as much. This paper can become expensive for teachers on a budget. It's a great classroom item to have and use anytime of year.
4. Teacher Key Chain. Every teacher has a key chain and this one makes the teacher feel appreciated for their work in children's lives.

5. Camelback Water Bottle. Teachers need to stay hydrated and this is the perfect bottle. Easy to clean and it's spill-proof.
6. Teacher Cards. Give your students teachers a personal card with a note from your child. Teachers truly appreciate the personal notes and thank you cards from students that make teaching worthwhile.
7. Teacher Bracelet. This is the perfect little reminder for your child's teacher. It takes a BIG heart to teach little minds.
8. Teacher Wine Bottles. Make sure you know your teacher well before gifting a teacher wine bottle. These are great gifts for teachers who drink wine and enjoy a fun wine bottle label.
9. Teacher Sign for Desk. Plaques and signs are great little touches around a teacher's workspace. Giving teachers meaningful decorations inspires them to teach.
10. Amazon Gift Card. The perfect gift for any teacher. Easy to give and teachers love the flexibility of being able to buy something for themselves or their classroom.

Whatever you or your child decide to get their teacher, remember that it's the thought that counts. Teachers like feeling appreciated for their work. Help your child's teacher feel appreciated this holiday season with a small token of gratitude.

Happy Holiday Shopping!