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Monday, October 22, 2018

How I laminate on a budget

Do you laminate at school?

Do you want a great personal laminator?

I love my laminator and laminating pouches. I have had no issues with this laminator. It works like a boss and is so helpful in laminating all the things! I bought it from Amazon (affiliate links included). It truly has done so much better than any school laminator has for me. I'm sharing the links to get yours and the laminating pouches I prefer to use too.

There are 100 pouches included. Great for any 8.5 x 11 printer piece of paper. Easy to cut after lamination. I like to use these for task cards to keep them durable. 

This is a NO JAM Laminator. I have never had it jam on me. It works with two different types of laminating pouches 3 and 5 mil. It's easy to use and has an automatic shut off if it's not being used or gets overheated. I even let my son help me laminate with guidance. 

Here are some resources I've laminated with this Scotch laminator.
Works well with dry erase markers. 
Also Play dough is easy to use on laminated cards. 

I hope you enjoy this laminator too. It's really the best way to ensure resources last longer and are durable for little learners. My son loves doing resources when there is a dry erase and laminated card involved. It's more interactive and easy to use for any student.

Happy Teaching!