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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

5th Grade Summer Math Review

Do you want to assign your 5th graders a fun summer review?

Do you want to challenge students in reviewing Math Skills for 6th grade?

If you said YES, this is the perfect Summer Math packet that your 5th grade students will want to complete! This packet is FUN and FULL of fifth-grade math problems. Students love the fun coloring, puzzles, and problem solving activities.

How to use it:
1. A fun review at the end of 5th grade during May & June or after testing!
2. A summer packet for students to complete at home during June, July, & August!
3. A beginning of 6th
grade year review activities during August & September!!


  • This is a 30 day Summer Math Activities Packet. It is the perfect math review to help students avoid the Summer Slide!
  • FUN activities and puzzles centered on reviewing math curriculum.
  • Designed for students who have completed 5th grade and are going into 6th grade. Great end of year review for 5th Grade or Beginning of the Year for 6th Grade!
  • Includes 5th grade math problems for review and practice. Tied to benchmarks required for 6th grade.
  • Keep your students on target with the tracking page. As they complete pages in the packet, students will color a part of a beach picture until they complete the packet.
  • ALL ANSWER KEYS are included.
  • A Sample Letter to parents & students from Math Department. (I use this every year when I send home the summer packet!)
  • Certificate of completion for finishing this FUN Summer Packet.
  • Lots of coloring fun! Students are encouraged to color every page of the Summer math packet.

Table of Contents:
Days 1-4: Writing simple expressions & analyzing patterns
Days 5-8: Performing operations with decimals
Days 9-13: Adding and subtracting fractions
Days 14-17: Multiplying and dividing fractions
Days 18-19: Understanding place value
Day 20-22: Converting measures
Day 23-24: Representing and interpreting data
Day 25-26: Understanding volume
Day 27-29: Graphing points
Day 30: Classifying 2-D figures

Other teachers and parents have left the following reviews:

"Great summer review for my son!" -Christina
"I used these for summer tutoring and it made math so much more fun!" -Allison
"Great resource, and I love that you have so many levels!" -Faith
"I am using this resource to review with students entering 6th grade! They love the graphics and how fun each page is!" -Gabriella
"My kiddos are working through this packet this summer." -Melissa
"My sixth-grade boy I tutor loves this packet so far!" -Cherie
"I love this! I am actually using it to review math with my 5th and 6th grade group for ELD. So I am focusing on the language of math and this is working really well." -Teacher
"So many great was to use this packet! Too bad I don't teach 5/6 anymore. I'm teaching 3/4 this year but this resource is so good I'll probably buy that one too." -Sandra
"Sent this home as a summer packet to be returned to me in August.  Many students brought it back complete saying that it was easy for them to figure out how to do on their own.  Thanks!" -Teacher

Keep Summer math exciting and your students will enjoy doing it! I have taught summer school and assigned summer assignments, but the one that works is the math that is interactive, challenging, and fun. I hope this is an engaging and fun Summer packet for your fifth grade students to complete.

Happy Teaching!