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Sunday, April 1, 2018

Basketball Math Coloring Pages

Are you ready for the Big Game?

Do you want to make connections between basketball and math?

Are you ready for the BIG GAME on April 2, 2018? The Basketball Game will take the stage in San Antonio, Texas to showcase two great teams. These Basketball Multiplication & Division Coloring Pages feature different team colors to represent the Villanova and Michigan that will be playing in the game.

***PLEASE NOTE: The word "March Madness" is trademarked by the NCAA. For this reason, this product uses the word "GAME DAY" instead.***

*2 different Engaging Math Activities (3 different versions each. Regular, Villanova, and Michigan)
*1 Version of Basketball Multiplying & Dividing by 1-digit (Colors in regular, Villanova colors, and Michigan colors)
*1 Version of Trophy Multiplying & Dividing by 10s (Colors in regular, Villanova colors, and Michigan colors)
*3 different Banners to hang on a Bulletin Board
*NO PREP, Print & GO Activities! (Only materials needed: 3 different colored crayons or markers, and a pencil). 
*FUN & rigorous activities centered on math curriculum
*Topics covered: Multiplying & Dividing by 1-digit numbers, Multiplying & Dividing by 10s.
*Engage your students in Math for the BIG GAME!

Engage your students in fun math review of multiplication and division. Connecting real world events to math can make it more exciting. I hope your students enjoy this too. 

Happy Teaching!