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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Pi Day Elementary Math Activities

Are you ready for Pi Day?

Do you want to engage your students in learning more about Pi Day math?

Pi Day is a great day to celebrate and engage your students with an irrational number and have a great time! Are you ready for March 14? Pi Day is a great day to get your students celebrating Math. This Pi Day Elementary NO PREP Math Activities Packet is a great for any Math class! This packet teaches students about the history of Pi, the number Pi, how to use Pi, and much more! Use this packet for bell work, class work, extra credit, fast finishers, or homework.

*6 different Engaging Math Activities
*NO PREP, Print &; GO Activities! (Only materials needed: scissors, tape, card stock or stiff paper, 2-10 different colored crayons or markers, and a pencil). 
*FUN & rigorous activities centered on elementary math curriculum
*Topics covered: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Comparing Fractions, Measurement with inches, Geometry, Data, Statistics, Line Plots, Pictographs, and the number Pi

Activities Included:
-Pi Day Math {2 versions with answer key}
-Pie Fractions {with answer key}
-Pie Measurement {with answer key}
-Create Pi City {with directions & example}
-Pi Number Stats {2 student response papers & teacher set}

-Pi Day Selfie

Students love celebrating holidays and this is one you don't want to miss out on. Students will remember the number and Pi Day celebration long after March 14. Have fun this year with math and your students will learn what Pi is all about.

Happy Pi Day!