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Monday, January 1, 2018

New Years Resolutions for the Classroom

Same Students. 

Same Problems.

New Year.

New Resolutions. 

How do you ENRICH your students and classroom? 
Engage your students with these New Years Teacher resolutions. Try one or all three to get your students actively working towards being their BEST in 2018! 

1) Tell your students to TRY their best and WORK hard. 

Working on your students' mindsets is key to helping them build confidence and character. When students know you are their cheerleader, they will be inspired to DO BETTER. Creating this classroom atmosphere is critical to student growth and success.
One of the ways to incorporate this is by using the "Power of Yet". Have your students practice saying "I don't know yet" instead of the standard response of "I don't know". Adding this word is powerful to any statement and can help your students grow!
This packet contains a Growth Mindset Bulletin Board set, Growth Mindset Pencil Topper Labels, The Power of Yet Posters, and The Power of Yet Bulletin Board set. The NO PREP Bulletin Board materials for you to display in your classroom or hallway at school that promote the Growth Mindset theme with the words "#Growth Mindset" and graphics that promote students' growth mindset statements. The NO PREP Bulletin Board Power of Yet materials include interactive post-its for your students to engage in growth mindset thinking. This display encourages students to expand their learning and grow their minds. The pencil toppers are a fun way to encourage students everyday with a growth mindset message on their pencil.

2) Implement or continue to PRAISE the positive things they do. 

Did you know that you need to praise a person 7 times to undo one insult you've said to them? It's true. Even if your students' love languages are not all words of affirmation, telling them that you believe in them and that they are going to do their best has a lasting effect on them. In this video, I talk about how I use Specific Praise in the classroom to grow my students' mathematical mindsets. 

3) Let students TRY AGAIN to achieve personal success

Do all your students earn a 100% the first time they take a quiz or test in your classroom? No? Neither do mine. The easiest way for students to achieve 100% is to allow them to get there and guide them along the way. In this video, I talk about how to let your students retake quizzes and tests to achieve higher test grades and grow their mathematical mindsets. You can implement this in your classroom today and download the test retake guide CLICK HERE

It's a New Year. There are 365 more days that you can change. There are 365 more chances to help your students succeed. There are 365 more reasons to be your students' best teacher. Cheers to 2018!

Happy New Years!