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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

End of Year Math Game Board Project

Do you have at least one to two weeks left of school?

Do you want your students ENGAGED in school until the end??

If you said YES, then there is a Math Game Board Project for you and your students!

This is seriously, hands down the best way to end the school year with your students. Every year I end with the End of Year Math Game Board Project is a happy year for my students and I. I am able to pack up my room, finish grading, and I don't have to stay after school. Kids are engaged, they loved making the board games, and the rubrics make it easy for everyone to get an A (which also helped in grading)!!

Student Made

Teacher Reviews
"This is a fantastic resource!  Thank you so much!  Can't wait to use it again this year!" -Alissa
"My students loved this!" -Nicole
"This helped keep the kids engaged during that tough time of year!" -Lyndsay
"Awesome activity! My students' creativity shined in this assignment." -Jeanna
"Thank you for this resource.  It is excellent.  My students took advantage of it.  Perfect end of the year project!" -Teacher
"Students loved this. It was the perfect way to end the year on an educational but fun note." -Teacher
"Students loved this." -Michelle
"This was so much fun. My stents got competitive on their games and now I have some for next year!!!!" -Teacher
"This activity saved me with 8th graders the last few weeks of school." -Wendy

This project saved and helped many teachers finish strong and kept the students ENGAGED. I have even had past students come back to my room at the end of the year BEGGING me to play one of the board games. How cool is that? Students asking to visit your classroom and play educational games? Yes! Truly the best way to end your school year.

I hope this End of Year Project is a HIT in your classroom too! Just remember for the end of the year it's all about keeping those students ENGAGED until the last minute.

Happy Teaching!